Merging Intelligence

with Powerful Locations

the ultimate METRICS FROM THE MOST dynamic digital network

Merging Intelligence with powerful locations The ultimate metrics from the most dynamic digital network.

Unlike traditional screen networks or Out of Home advertising opportunities, we are a one stop shop merging location based data with deterministic digital data analytics from real world audiences (both offline and online). UnTap Media’s proprietary hardware and software measures reach, frequency, dwell time, engagement, traffic and conversion metrics. It also delivers water usage, water savings and hygiene compliance data for partners.

UnTap’s deterministic data flexibly drives customer networks across retail, healthcare, hospitality, petrol stations, media, quick service restaurants, events, food and beverage and government.

Snapshot value, Media taps are converting offline audiences into online customers at rates of 11-40% each day. While F&B screens are driving sales promotions 300% each month.

Please contact our team to learn how our platform and granular analytics can support your initiatives.

Utility Based
Media Networks

High dwell, high frequency and high visibility, from the heart of the suburbs to the heart of the CBD. UnTap personal media experiences, from a global network of interactive screens engaging local communities everyday at hand sanitisers dispensers, washrooms, water stations, mirrors and retail windows!


…’the most interesting Digital Out of Home technology emerging’